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2022 Goals & Improvements

So as we move into 2022, I’ve spent some time figuring out what I’m wanting to accomplish this year. But not just accomplish... How can I improve myself? My brain? Satisfy my desire of entrepreneurship?

If you know me well, you probably know that I’m an idea guy. My brain constantly produces thoughts and ideas on products or practices or simply figuring out solutions to problems. The satisfaction of creating something that someone wants and providing that to them is a feeling I am incapable of describing. But as I continue to live out these years in the tech industry as well as in a very active social space (Discord, Twitch, Twitter, etc), I am learning how much this desire takes over my thought process in my daily life.

Luckily my work / life separation is very controllable. Before starting this new job at NantGames I ensured to build out an entire Work From Home setup so that during my work hours I am always focused on work.

However, as my work day ends and my daily life begins my brain begins to focus on what my current interest is. And this focus feels so uncontrollable, that I want to spend every moment building out business plans, pitches, spreadsheets, documentation, and research. I’ll continue this throughout the entire length of a project until I’ve reached a point where I can no longer continue without assistance. Generally this is pretty harsh stopping point for me. One that I’ve had a hard time overcoming in the past.

I have been successful though. I’ve previously built and sold cosplay armor to the Halo community. I now make custom crafts on my wood lathe, mainly wood rings, shot glasses and coasters. And as many of you may know, I was a Top 10 Broadcaster on Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform.

With all of this said, I am recalling back to where this all began. What am I doing for myself in 2022? I suppose this could be seen as my resolutions but I personally view it as so much more. To me this is a life goal. Something I want to get done before I turn 30.

Goal #1: I am currently on the path of saving for my first home ownership, so this puts finances under a strict control, which doesn’t make my entrepreneur goals any easier. But what this does mean is that one of my goals for this year is to be on track or ahead of my savings goal for my home.

Goal #2: I tremendously miss the active connection I had with my streaming community. I want to bring this back in a way that is comfortable to me but entertaining to them as well. I’ll have to figure this one out over time.

Goal #3: It’s time to get one of these projects into motion. I’m unsure which one it will be as of right now, but the goal is to not get stuck and move onto the next one. It’ll be a ton of work and I am committed to it. I’m excited to see what it will be and how it will viewed from those interested!

If you’ve made it this far, just know that I very much appreciate you and your time. I very much look forward to bringing you updates here on the blog!

Happy New Year!

- Keith / Big

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