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Getting back to the grind…

Today, the first Sunday of the year and the last day of winter vacation for most people. Luckily for me, my company recognizes Monday, January 3rd as a holiday so I’ve managed to sneak in 1 more day of vacation before I’m back at it.

It has got to be one of the hardest days back to work for most people, right? You all know the feeling of the last day of your vacation and you are flying home from Disney or Hawaii or somewhere special and you’ve got to bring yourself back to the real world. But we take a vacation a couple times a year (at least I hope each of you do!) and it still doesn’t feel as difficult as the reality check after the Christmas & New Year break.

What do each of you do to get back into it?

- I’m a goal oriented person. And fortunate for me, the Game’s Industry is all about goals, sprints, and task tracking.

- I‘m also very much a note-taker. I have several journals that I use for various purposes including planning out my work weeks, writing out notes for projects I’m working on, and other general noteworthy items

With that in mind, I find myself trying to figure out how to get back into the hang of things. Part of this will include fresh cleaned laundry, a favorite coffee mug ready, a clean desk, and a notebook ready to go.

Tomorrow (Monday) will be a fun day of making sure that my first day back to work on Tuesday will be as great as it can be! Get back to work with a positive attitude and maybe you’ll just end up with a good first day back!

Happy New Year everyone and enjoy getting back into your routine!

- Keith / Big

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