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Thoughts To Paper

Traditionally, I’m not a writer. However I very much enjoy note-taking. Throughout this experience my goal is to not only stick to it, but increase my writing capabilities and learn about putting thoughts to paper in a more comprehensive way.

These blogs will range from entrepreneurial thoughts, community management tips & tricks, video game and tech industry opinions, showing off my cooking and Woodturning skills, and so much more.

Over time, my goal is to have a form of entertainment for active readership, but also a database of knowledge to where I can refer to as well as others. If even 1 person enjoys reading these blogs on an active readership or if 1 person learns something from these blogs, then I have succeeded.

Leaving this off on a note. I’m going to figure out how to make writing these very easy on my part so that I can go about doing it without any frustration. But I am also interested in figuring out how I can create a notification for those who want to be active readers.

If this interests you, please feel free to make an account and leave your thoughts in the comments. I’d love interaction within these posts as much as I loved interactions within my streams.

I‘ll have more for you all to read soon.

- Keith / Big

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