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Thank you for your interest in purchasing a piece!
Read below to understand how the purchasing process works!

Step 1: Fill out the form.
Step 2: I verify I have the materials to make your ring. If not, I likely have to order a ring core. This will add about 10 days to the process.
Step 3: I make your ring & send you a video. This could take up to 2 weeks.
Step 4: You pay me here: Link

Step 5: I ship out your ring!

Requesting A Custom Ring?

Once I catch up on finishing up requests, I will be moving onto making handmade eggs, spheres, shot glasses, coasters, trinkets, and more.
Everything for sale will be listed here as well as etsy! Stay Tuned!

Etsy is coming soon!

Video Jul 10, 12 04 49 PM_6.gif

Thanks for checking out my handcrafted pieces!

In no way do I consider myself a professional, however if you are interested in purchasing a piece, I do take requests!

Want to watch me make your piece?
I stream Wood Turning on my Twitch stream!

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