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How I Got Here

2011 - 2016

  • Game Design Grad



  • Xbox QA on X1X

  • Mixer Sales Host

2017 - 2018

  • Full Time Streamer

    • 1M+ Views

    • 100K+ Follows

2018 - 2021

  • CM @ tinyBuild

  • Producer @ tinyBuild

  • 20+ Indie Games​

2021 - Now

  • CM @ NantGames

Consulting &
Social Assistance

social icons.png
Not every company is in need of hiring a Community / Social Consultant. Here are some things you should know when communicating with your audience:
  • Do you understand who your target audience is compared to who your social audience currently is?
  • Do you know the best times to post on each platform?
  • What about which platforms are accepting of hashtags vs which platforms have hashtags but are frowned upon if you use them?
  • Do you know when it is appropriate to respond to a reply? Or what you do if you have a troll commenting on your posts?
The above are some great indicators on determining whether you already know what to do in Community Management & Social Media Management.
How can I help you?
  • Understanding Your Community / Target Audience
  • Setting up a posting schedule that makes statistical sense.
  • General teachings on the do's and don'ts of CM & SMM.
  • Creation of new accounts and/or determining which platforms you should be on.
  • Tracking your analytics & learning to read them.
  • Determining when to pay for boosted posts and how much to spend.
  • Guidance on learning how to deal with trolls / bots.
  • Developing social connections within your game / product.
  • Using 3rd party platforms to schedule your content & measure success.
  • Growing your mailing list, learning how to write attractive emails, and why.
  • ... and really anything more you can think of in relation to CM & SMM.
Let's keep it real though:
  • You may or may not be looking for a consultant because it is a fairly cheaper option to hiring a community manager or a social media manager. (And that's fine!)
  • I have a full time job, so my goal is not to gain another full time job. I am simply wanting to provide the opportunity for part-time consulting to help businesses.
  • If you are reading this, you understand that these services aren't free, but my goal isn't to become filthy rich off of you. (I WANT to help even the small guys at an affordable rate.)
  • I don't charge hourly rates. There are too many scenarios where one party feels bad in the end due to this. We chat and discuss your needs and I put together a plan and cost which hopefully fits your needs.
If this all sounds great to you... Let's chat!
Email me here, give me some sort of a general idea of what you are looking for (if you know), and I'll respond fairly quickly with some upcoming availability of when we can chat!                                
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